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Human Resources 

Every UK business has a responsibility to ensure it follows specific regulations put in place to protect employees' rights to fair treatment and, as an employer, for ensuring your business follows the relevant regulations for your industry.

Whilst these may vary, depending on the type of job being done or employment contract in place, the regulations form the basis for employee rights, such as terms and conditions of employment, equal opportunities and much more. 

This HR section provides around the clock access to comprehensive guidance on employment matters. Set out in an easy-to-follow format, and avoiding any confusion from legal jargon, it will guide you through your responsibilities as an employer, covering the following essential topics:

Each section is divided into further sub-sections which cover everything you need to know when employing people in your business.

To access the guidance you require click on the relevant link above or on Rights and Responsibilities in the side navigation to see all topics.

Similarly, in each subsection in the Document Downloads area, you will find a comprehensive range of useful templates for letters, forms and policy documents.

To access general content see the HR A-Z Guidance

And, if you require further information or clarification, just "Ask the Expert"