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Human Resource News

News, views and stories of interest which may help you in your Human Resource strategy. The archive section is always open to view stories you might have missed. Below is a list of all our current news items, or you can view our past stories by going to our archive section.

Submitted on 10 May 2022

Employee Investigations: what they are and how best to deal with them

Looking at what constitutes an internal investigation and how to carry them out effectively and with sensitivity

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Submitted on 5 Apr 2022

Adopting a 4-Day Week – would it benefit your business?

Would such a model be workable in your business?

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Submitted on 10 Mar 2022

Dismissal with under 2 years’ service – what are the potential pitfalls?

Ensuring use of a fair and lawful process 

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Submitted on 8 Feb 2022

How to become an Employer of Choice

How to ensure you retain your best people and make your business an appealing prospect for job hunters

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Submitted on 11 Jan 2022

Holiday Planning for 2022 – what every employer should know

Plan early for staff leave in 2022 and avoid unnecessary disruption to your business

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Submitted on 9 Nov 2021

Hybrid Working – does it work for your Business?

Deciding if hybrid working is right for your business and what you can do to ensure its success

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Submitted on 12 Oct 2021

Protecting against Cyber Risk & Data Breaches

Some simple steps to protect your business against Cyberattack

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Submitted on 16 Sep 2021

Retaining your Workforce through Economic Change

Recruiting and retaining your staff through times of economic change

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Submitted on 16 Aug 2021

Re-boarding – how to ease staff back into the workplace

Returning to the Workplace - is it the best solution for your business?

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Submitted on 6 Jul 2021

The Impact of Long-COVID & Other Hidden Disabilities on your Business

Tackling the impact of Hidden Disabilities on the Business

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